Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pink Eye

First of all, I ain’t gay and not a huge Pink fan at all. But here goes….if it rambles please remember I am trying to recall a dream and you know how dreams go….thanks :)

I had this wild dream where I was in a cirque berserk like show with Pink and Pink picked me as her new main dance partner. Her outfit was so fucking cool. She was almost naked but had strips of black suede all over her body (barely) and Mohawk looking mask type thing on her head and of course a black suede g-string. The head dress reminded me of an 18th century costume mask. Again, it looked like a black suede Mohawk with big thick rubbery bouncy prongs. The entire head dress covered her head, forehead, nose and cheeks but you could see her eyes, mouth and jaw. (remember the movie Amadeus where Mozart, his wife and his dad went to a costume party? Like his wife’s big ol’ swan mask) Then she barely had a very structured Madonna like push up bra that also had suede straps hanging from her shoulders, almost tattered looking. Her belly button had a diamond in it. The suede g-string peeked out of suede skin tight bell bottoms and the bells at the bottom were like 1969 big ass bells. She had on 6 inch black suede “come fuck me pumps”, ya know, like strippers and drag queens wear.

There was a massive stage show where the other dancers would prance around and then a giant square frame with teeny tressles or ladders on the top and sides of it would slowly be lowered down from the 200 foot ceiling of the performance hall down to the stage. The square frame was decorated with flowing silk of pastel colors and glittery fabric blowing as if there was mild breeze. Pink was at the top of the square and all her dancers were climbing down beside as Pink stayed in her place till the square gently landed on the stage. Then I came out from backstage, I don’t remember what I looked like but I felt very sexy, young and desirable. Pink stopped singing for a second and put all of her attention on me, starting singing to me and dancing with me.

She took my hand and we both got on the bottom rung of square thing. Right then it started slowly rising up with Pink, me and the dancers. She still was totally focused on me and she was singing and she and the dancers were still crawling all around the square thing. I stayed still but when we got to the ceiling Pink took me backstage and dressed me in a gorgeous, sexy, skimpy, semi-S&M costume the led me back to the square thing that was hanging on the ceiling and I got on it with her.

All the other dancers were there too and the square thing slowly started down again toward the stage with Pink at the bottom of the square thing while now me and the dancers were writhing and climbing down the rungs of the ladders all around square thing. I hung on tight and I danced on that square thing better than her dancers and when the square thing got to the bottom where the stage was Pink gave me a passionate hug and a walked away because she wanted to take a bath. Me and the dancers stood there as if ‘is that it?’ then Pink walk back in, took off all of her mask and all her clothes except for a rhinestone thong and announced very matter of factly, “I wanna fuck, anybody interested?”. Immediately a really young handsome guy ran over to her and she grabbed his hand and stormed off the stage with him trapsing behind her. Me and the dancers could hear them moaning and their fuck noises. I walked into the place where they were ‘doing it’ and the guy was going down on her and she was having massive multiple orgasms. When she was done, she told him to get lost and kicked him out and then she came over to me and told me she loved me and asked me to lay down with her. So I did and we snuggled, spooned and went to sleep.


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