Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP lies again and again

I am so sick of BP lying over and over. I am sick of the administration sitting on their hands waiting for BP to do something. BP doesn't give a flying F*** about anything but saving money and making money, PERIOD. That has been blatently obvious for decades and now the earth and all it's inhabitants are paying for it.

This is our planets FOOD CHAIN for God's sake. This is more important than any war, more important than any politics. Once we lose our food chain...which by the way WE ARE PART OF...duh!!!'s over folks.

Every millionaire, billionaire, environmentalist, average person just trying to make a living and survive should be raising hell. F*** Dancing with the Stars, Top Model, The Kardashians, Entertainment Tonight, Shrek, Toy Story, and all that other celebrity mind numbing bull crap.

This is our planet, this is our survival. This is it!!! I don't care if you live in a huge mansion, an apartment, a trailer park or under a bridge, this is going to affect ALL of US very soon and FOREVER. We all need to be emailing, calling, writing our government and DEMAND they get on top of this 24/7 NOW!!! Stop waiting for BP to do something, they're greedy idiots.

Sorry, just very sad and upset that I am witnessing the world ending because of a stupid, completely preventable off shore oil drill catastrophe. I always thought it would be nuclear war or something like that.

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