Monday, May 24, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - the end of the world?!?!!!

I really think this is the end. I used to think the '2012' end of the world predictions were just another bogus paranoid theory. Well, I changed my mind since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The never ending, non-stop oil spill. Sorry, but I have tried to be optimistic... but everyday the news gets worse. First it was 5 times more oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, then it was 10. NOW it is 100 times more than "they" had admitted to. This is mass extinction on hyper drive. To hell with the 'tourist industry' economy, this is the real deal here. This is IT people. When the ocean dies, WE DIE! Water is life and when that oil spreads around the tip of Florida and into the Atlantic....That's all folks!!! It's over, period. I hope all those vulgarly rich oil barons throughout the world are happy because no matter how much money they have made all these years from raping and polluting the earth, it won't help them when there is no water, no plants, no animals. I hope those bastards choke on their money. We live on a precious wonderful planet and they just shit all over it. All they cared about is money and power. Well guess what, life and loving the other life that lives on this planet is more important. Even dogs don't shit where they eat or sleep!!! We are suppose to be the stewards of this blessed planet, but the few greedy powerful assholes just ruined it for ALL of us. ALL of us.

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