Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love the Blues

I love to listen to the blues. But he makes fun of me. He is a music ‘snob’. He calls the blues ‘crap music’, he calls it bullshit and calls me an idiot and everyone an idiot if they like the blues, that it is all the same. That is not real music, etc.

But I always disagree with him (at least in my mind, I don’t say anything anymore, so as to not start another argument where he puts me down and calls me an “idiot that has no taste”) because no mater what type of music you love I truly believe it is personal and if it moves you or you love to listen to it for whatever reason… then that type of music has done it’s job. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you an idiot.

I actually love all kinds of music, including the music he loves. I never put down his taste in music. He loves classical music, The Carpenters, Camel, Pink Floyd, The Strawbs, Moody Blues, No Doubt, The Cure….many more AND I love all that type of music too. I really love them, but I also love to listen to bluegrass, heavy metal, some hair band songs, bubble gum pop music, country, classical, hell I loves me some show tunes too.

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