Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smack Yer Granny Gravy

SMACK YER GRANNY GRAVY (f*** the cholesterol "Baby Cakes", this is delicious and ok to eat once in a while!) I ain't yer doctor, just sharin' some recipes folks :)


1 lb. Oscar Meyer Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
2 TBSP flour (add more if you want to make it thicker, less if ya want it thinner, whatever. It ain't a science project, it's frickin' gravy fer God's sake)
1 Cup Buttermilk

1.) Cook the bacon till crisp, then remove from skillet. LEAVE bacon grease in skillet.
2.) Pat bacon dry then crumble it or chop it into small chunks and place aside to add to gravy right before serving.
3.) In separate bowl add flour then add COLD buttermilk and stir till mixed with NO clumps.
4.) Pour buttermilk mixture into skillet with the bacon grease. STIR and bring to gentle boil then let it simmer to the thickness that you desire. Then add bacon pieces.
5.) Serve this with biscuits, ham, pork chops or better yet pour onto your lover in a moment of unbridled culinary passion! Finger lickin' good, baby!

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